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This 16 foot gate is an original C. Roberts design.

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Welcome to C. Roberts Metal Fabrication located in the Coal Creek Canyon area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Cindy has closed the business following Chuck's death, but wanted to leave the web site as a tribute to Chuck and his beautiful work.

Chuck operated various metal fabrication businesses for more than 25 years. His first business,
C. Roberts, Art That Emulates the Past, sold California style spurs which he made by hand. A few years later Chuck started making large, English-style bowie knives which he and Cindy sold at custom knife shows around the country. In the late 1990's he started making Rifleman's Presentation Pipe Tomahawks which were actually smokeable. He could create anything from looking at a photograph and loved old-style designs.

Chuck also loved watching the 1993 Western film, Tombstone because Kurt Russell wore spurs and concho straps that Chuck had made. The spur set got a closeup shot when "Wyatt Earp" kicked "Ike Clanton" in the face in the famous You tell 'em I'm comin' scene. Chuck grew up in Los Angeles, and seeing his work on "the big screen" was one of the biggest highlights of his art career.

Prior to starting his own businesses, Chuck worked for several aerospace companies in Southern California including Lockheed's famous Skunk Works division where he worked on the Stealth Fighter, the F-117.

Cindy was the marketing and operations manager for all of Chuck's businesses. She also managed all of the metal fabrication projects. C. Roberts specialized in high quality fabrications and offered free estimates before they would begin work. Chuck always visited a construction site personally before designing any rails or gates. A customer's satisfaction was Chuck and Cindy's "number one" goal.

We hope you had the pleasure of meeting Chuck and seeing his awesome work for yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

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